Refurbished Photocopier Platinum warranty

Have peace of mind with Copy Print Services Platinum full inspection, diagnostics checks and servicing.


  • Full inspections from our experienced engineers
  • Lower costs on Pre-loved devices, make it easier on your bank balance
  • Once bought you will receive ongoing training and support for the life of the device
Refurbished photocopiers come with 5 year warranty

Free on-going support

Free expert advice

5 Year warranty

Make sure you’re buying a refurbished photocopier you can rely on. Why take the risk of buying a used copier without the back-up of a reliable, trusted company.


Our warranty should help provide you with the peace of mind you need. When you have a photocopier from Copy Print Services with the Platinum badge you can rest assured that if anything happens it will be fixed and sorted within a matter of hours.

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What do our pre-loved machines have done before sale?


All of our refurbished machines are sold with the 5 year platinum warranty certificate and undergo the same rigorous testing processes as the new copiers.


Our engineers when servicing the machines will do the following checks:


Strip and Clean


  • Fully strip the device down to its frame, removing and cleaning all panles and all consumable items.
  • Remove the laser units
  • Remove platen glass
  • Remove paper feed units
  • Clean out printer cavity, remove and clean the filters and replace them as necessary
  • Clean the optics and mirrors as necessary
  • Strip feed stations and replace the pick up and feed tyres then refit assemblies


Refit and replace


  • Fit modifications to the feed stations
  • Strip and clean developer units
  • Replace worn developer
  • Refit the developer units into the device
  • Strip down drum units
  • Replace the drum and blade corona and scorotrons
  • Refit the drum units
  • Strip and clean the primary transfer belt
  • Replace any worn parts
  • Replace the secondary transfer
  • Strip and Clean the registration assembly
  • Refit the transfer assemblies
  • Refit image registration assembly
  • Replace the waste toner tank
  • Fit full toners
  • Re-panel the machine


Diagnostics and testing


  • Run up device and initialise developer
  • Calibrate the device
  • Install the latest firmware
  • Run full diagnostic checks and use all functions to test for any errors
  • Run 100 sheets through each feed station
  • Re-calibrate for the 2nd time
  • Fit new service stickers
  • Fill in pre-delivery inspection note
  • Service manager to sign off device


New parts fitted in the workshop


  • 4x Drums
  • 4x Drum blades
  • 4x Scorotrons
  • 4x Charge grids
  • 4x Developer
  • 2x Pick up roller
  • 2x Feed roller
  • 2x Seperation roller
  • 3x Air filters
  • 1x Set of document feed rollers
  • Fuser
  • Transfer

Typically 12 hours of labour time is spent in the workshop per machine prior to it being delivered to you.

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