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Photocopier Servicing

We offer a one off service for your machine. If it hasn't been serviced it could be costing you more than it should to print and us the machine.

Photocopier Maintenance

To ensure your photocopier is kept in the best condition in order to minimise ‘downtime’, we strongly recommend that you have a maintenance service plan in place.

We offer a range of photocopier maintenance contracts.

Copy Print Services understands the frustration caused when a machine isn’t working and starts to affect your business activities.

All our photocopier maintenance contracts offer peace of mind to our customers and generally cover the cost of all labour and any parts required, with no hidden costs.

We are also fully committed to providing preventative maintenance on every machine through regular and pro-active service calls that involve cleaning, adjusting and replacing parts.

This allows us to anticipate potential problems before they occur. And, in the unlikely event, that we can’t repair your machine, we will replace it the same day to ensure that your business is not adversely affected.

We offer the best photocopier maintenance service

Our maintenance contracts cover whether there’s a fault with a machine or even one of your employees struggling to use a machine. We will come over and sort out the machine whatever the problem.

We use the latest software and dedicated staff to ensure that all service calls are dealt with quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Copy Print Services not only responds to the majority of service calls within 4 hours (average response time is 2.5 hours), 98.5% of these calls are resolved on a ‘first time fix’ basis because our engineers are highly qualified and competent and carry a comprehensive stock of spare parts which ensures that downtime is kept to a minimum for our customers.

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We offer a one off photocopier service

If your machine hasn’t had a service in over 12 months or you are concerned that it may need some attention, we are happy to provide a one-off service even if you lease the machine from another supplier.

Our one-off service consists of a detailed inspection of the machine, testing of all relevant mechanical and electrical parts, and providing a written report detailing the state of the machine and if any work may be required.

Generally, we charge a flat-rate fee of £59 plus VAT for a one-off service (depending on the machine). This fee includes the first half hour. We charge £59 per hour thereafter.

We guarantee any repairs we complete for 6 months.

Photocopier servicing by our in-house engineering team.

All parts used also come with at a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

We repair the following makes: Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Infotec, Gestetner, Rex rotary, Nashuatec, HP, Sharp, Develop, and Samsung.

Why does a photocopier need regular maintenance?

There are many reasons why a photocopier needs regular maintenance, including:

  • To avoid machine breakdown and expensive repairs:
    Copiers will go through the process of wear and tear no matter how well you care for yours, and certain factors can accelerate this process.

    While copiers are built for daily use, copying large volumes each day can make it more prone to breakdowns. Employees may not follow correct copier practices which can lead to components deteriorating over time.
  • To minimise downtime:
    When your photocopier is down, your office productivity can be affected as employees may not be able to complete certain tasks. This could prevent them from being able to service your clients.

    Preventative checks can help to identify problems before they become much worse and unforeseen breakdowns can be reduced.
  • Improve photocopier performance:
    By performing regular health checkups on your photocopier, not only will you prevent it from malfunctioning, you will also ensure that it is running up to standard.

Common photocopier issues

Photocopiers are bound to have some issues during their lifetime. We’ve listed some of the most common issues below:

  • Paper jam: Jammed paper in your copier is one of the most common issues people face. This could be caused by the wrong paper size being loaded to improper loading of the paper.

    To fix the issue, you will need to manually remove the jammed paper and reload the paper again, ensuring it is aligned properly and it is the correct size.
  • Lines on the paper: When you copy a document and the copy contains streak, lines or marks, this is a clear indication something is wrong with your copier.

    There are a few reasons this can occur including foreign substances on the scanner glass, drum unit malfunctions or even issues with the fusers.
  • Cartridge and/or toner issues: Low or empty cartridges and toners can cause issues with your photocopier. If either of the two are malfunctioning, it's likely due to a manufacturer error or an incompatibility error.
  • Copies are too light or dark: The majority of the time issues with lightness and darkness on copy pages is the result of an imbalance on the density controls.

    The settings may have been changed by accident which will have caused the issue, so resetting the density levels is the best solution. 

The best solution to fix these common problems is to regularly check your photocopier for any issues, and invest in a managed print service to monitor the efficiency of it. 

Benefits of photocopier maintenance services

Having photocopier maintenance services will increase the life span of your office equipment and ensure that everything is working as it should. 

Other benefits include: 

  • Companies can focus on core business needs;
  • The reliability and efficiency of the photocopier is improved;
  • Equipment service log books means you can directly call printer technicians for assistance;
  • Comprehensive maintenance is regular;
  • Cost efficient through the use of contacts.

What is photocopier maintenance?

Photocopier maintenance refers to the actions taken to ensure that your photocopier is in working condition and performing as it should be.

A lot of print equipment needs regular maintenance to prevent chances of breakdowns or malfunctions. 

What regular maintenance should be done on a photocopier?

Listed below are the kind of maintenance tasks that should be carried out to keep your photocopier running smoothly.

  • Clean the glass to avoid streaks or smears
  • Clean the drum to avoid toner becoming clogged
  • Remove the dust from the interior and exterior to prevent jams from debris
  • Replace the air filters regularly 
  • Dust the paper rollers
  • Empty waste toner cartridges when they’re full

What is photocopier servicing?

Photocopier servicing is a service provided by many managed print and print device specialists, who will come to your site, diagnose and resolve any issues with your photocopiers. 

Servicing consists of a detailed inspection of the machine, testing of relevant mechanical and electrical parts and providing detailed reports on the state of the machine with any work which may be required. 

How often should a photocopier be serviced?

Ideally, you should be getting your photocopier serviced every three months to ensure that everything is working as it should be. 

However, the frequency of maintenance on your photocopier may affect how often you need it serviced, and you may be able to cut it down to twice a year instead. 

How long should a photocopier last?

Considering all the variable factors that can impact a commercial photocopier's lifespan, a good, modern photocopier should last for around 5 years. 

However, many well maintained and serviced photocopiers will last beyond 5 years.

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We offer a range of different lease options from 1 year to 5 years. Get in touch or read our guides for more information.

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Our copier rental packages can range from a day, to a week, several months, a year, or even longer.

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Our one-off service consists of a detailed inspection, testing of mechanical and electrical parts.

Photocopier Maintenance

To ensure your photocopier is kept in the best condition, we strongly recommend our maintenance service.


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