Refurbished Photocopiers

Refurbished photocopiers for sale

We sell, install and maintain refurbished photocopiers after a full and in depth reconditioning process has been completed by our experienced team of in-house engineers.

All our refurbished photocopiers are supplied with our 5 year platinum warranty to give you full peace of mind that even when purchasing a reconditioned printer and copier, you will have no issues with your machine. 

If you do, you can take advantage of our warranty and we’ll get you up and running again in no time.

How quickly could I get a refurbished copier delivered?

We have a warehouse full of machines which have already been reconditioned and covered by our Platinum warranty. 

This includes Olivetti machinesKonica Minolta machines and a number of other brands.

These could all be delivered as early as the next day should you be in desperate need of a photocopier.

Refurbished office photocopiers

Refurbished photocopiers are perfect for any office space, no matter what industry you work in. The savings you make by purchasing a refurbished copier means you can distribute your money to other aspects of your business.

Take a look at our guide to refurbished photocopiers to help you determine which style of machine purchase best suits your business needs.

Are refurbished printers the same as refurbished photocopiers?

Whilst refurbished all-in-one photocopiers can print, scan and copy, there is a difference between refurbished printers and refurbished photocopiers. 

A refurbished photocopier makes duplicate copies of a physical document without being connected to a computer network. 

Refurbished printers however, allow users to send documents from a network to be printed on the device. Most printers will have a physical copier function, as well additional smart features, such as scan to email. 

How do I find the right type of used photocopier for my business?

At Copy Print Services, we will guide you through our range of used photocopiers so you can decide which printer is right for you. However, there are a few things to consider before deciding which photocopier to choose.


When choosing a photocopier, you should think about the size of your office. If you have a small office with only a few employees, you will not need as large of a machine compared to someone who has a large office with multiple employees.

What the nature of your business is may also help you decide on a size. If you require a lot of printing on a daily basis, you may need to get a slightly larger photocopier, or maybe even a multi-function one. 

All-in-one photocopiers

All-in-one photocopiers are a great choice if you’re looking for just one machine that can print, copy and scan pages. 

If you are looking to make copies of single pieces of paper, a standalone photocopier is probably the best option for you. 


If you are only going to be using your photocopier occasionally, you do not need to spend a lot of money on an expensive model. 

However, if you plan on using a copier everyday, you may want to invest in a more expensive model with additional features. 

Paper capacity

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a photocopier is paper capacity, which is how much paper the machine can hold at one time.

If you plan on using your copier for large jobs, you will need a machine with a higher paper capacity, whereas if you only make copies occasionally, a machine with a lower paper capacity will be best suited. 

The benefits of buying a used photocopier

Cost: The main benefit of purchasing a used photocopier is the savings you can make compared to purchasing or leasing a new photocopier. A reconditioned machine can work out as a very cheap photocopier option.

Environmental impact: We no longer need to throw the machines into the landfill sites. By re-using the machines, we can reduce our overall environmental impact.

Print Quality: After going through our 35-step refurbishment process, you can be assured that you will get the very best print quality out of your machine. 

Efficiency: Our used photocopiers can be purchased using a managed print services, much the same as a new photocopier. The difference being that your monthly business outgoings will be much less than a new machine but you will still get everything including our 5 star service, consumables etc.

Can I get a refurbished printer with a maintenance package?

Yes, at Copy Print Services we offer a range of maintenance packages alongside our refurbished printers.

We understand the frustration caused when a machine isn’t working the way it should be, which can affect your business activities. 

We offer one off services, as well as regular maintenance services to ensure your printer is always working at its best. 

Is buying a pre-owned photocopier a good idea?

Yes, buying a pre-owned photocopier is a great idea. Not only will you cut costs by not buying a brand new one outright, you will also help the push for sustainability by investing in pre-owned but perfectly usable goods. 

A refurbished photocopier will still allow you to have peace of mind that it will perform as well as a new one, knowing that it has been examined by a professional.

Does buying a refurbished copier mean that I am getting old technology?

No, we only supply machines that are still very much modern technology. We make sure that any refurbished photocopier you purchase from us meets your requirements as a business. 

With a refurbished office printer from Copy Print Services, you can be assured that you will be purchasing a highly reliable, high quality and well priced machine that can provide all the benefits you need to keep moving your business forward.

Should I buy a new or used photocopier for my business?

Whether you choose to purchase a new or used photocopier is completely up to you and your personal preferences. 

If you are undecided about what is right for you and your business, our expert team can help, providing impartial advice on photocopiers and printers. 

Second hand photocopiers in the North West

Copy Print have been selling, servicing, refurbishing and leasing photocopiers across the North West for over 10 years, providing a high quality service for second hand photocopiers. 

Some of the most popular brands we have include the Epson Workforce Pro WF-C869R and the Olivetti MF254 d-colour.

If you're interested in buying a refurbished photocopier, get in touch with our friendly and helpful team today.