We're an Olivetti printers approved partner

We supply Olivetti printers and photocopiers for all size of business. Whether all you need is an all in one printer right through to a full commercial multifunction printer, copier with accessories such as a fold and staple binding add-on we know the range inside and out.

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We have the full Olivetti range available

The entire Olivetti range can be purchased from us on our unique fully managed service package. We take the headache away from having to order new toner, if you have a fault we’ll be there within maximum 4 hours. We provide lots of best practice information on how you can get the best from your investment in a print solution.

We are an Olivetti Best For Colour Dealer

As an official Olivetti BEST FOR COLOUR dealer we can supply an extensive range of highly reliable and cost effective products as well as offering training and support, service and consumables.

Why buy an Olivetti printer?

Olivetti are one of the leading printer brands, highly renowned for their reliable printers, low running costs and indispensable practicality for daily professional use. 

Their machines are capable of printing in colour and black and white, whilst being fast and reliable for a variety of different office sizes.

Benefits of renting or leasing an Olivetti printer

Renting or leasing Olivetti printers come with a variety of different benefits, but one of the major benefits is that it is highly cost-effective.

Renting or leasing Olivetti products gives you the freedom to invest more of your money into other elements of your business that are in need of more attention. 

These options also offer much more flexibility than outright purchasing a product as you can choose the option which is right for you now and in the future, you can upgrade or change to different Olivetti models. 

There may actually be tax benefits to renting or leasing an Olivetti printer since it can be deductible as a business expense. This will in turn reduce your overall net costs. 

Managed Print Services for Olivetti printers

At Copy Print Services, we offer Managed Print Services (MPS) for a range of different Olivetti printers. 

Our MPS packages include maintenance, repair and support of all your businesses internal printing, copying and scanning needs. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your Olivetti printers are always looked after.

Olivetti PG range

The Olivetti PG range features mono printers that are designed to be sleek, quiet and neutral to blend in with a variety of different office environments.

We have different models from the PG range to choose from, meaning you will be able to find the perfect mono laser printer to suit your specific office needs. 

Olivetti have designed these models with cyber security in mind, which is why they come with antivirus and data encryption software. 

Olivetti d-color range

We also feature a variety of the different d-color models, which are colour printers ideal for busy office environments. 

These machines are well equipped to handle large volumes of colour printing, copying and scanning. 

The d-color range also features antivirus applications to prevent harmful cyber attacks. 

How do I know which Olivetti printer I need?

If you’re interested in having an Olivetti printer for your office or work environment, but you’re not sure which model to go for, contact our professional team and we will talk you through the best options available.

Established In 1908

Olivetti are one of the world’s leading players in printing and other technology

with over 100 years experience in their field

buy, lease, rent or service an olivetti printer today!

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