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Renting or hiring a printer or photocopier can be a great way to avoid the capital outlay of a machine for many businesses, particularly if the use is for a reasonably short period of time. There are many ways renting a photocopier can prove to be a cost effective solution. We’ll explain more about what renting a photocopier consists of, the pros and cons of it, and the difference between leasing, to help you make an informed decision.

What Does Photocopier Rental Mean?

Photocopier rental is a flexible way to quickly access a suitable machine to perform all of your document management needs, paying a fee for your use, instead of buying the machine out right.  

Hiring or renting a photocopier is another option to purchasing the machine. As with anything you rent, you will typically have it for a short period of time, using it for your specific needs, before giving it back. Renting a printer or photocopier works in the same way. 

Whether you’re looking for a full colour machine or a plain black and white machine we will provide the right equipment for your requirements. All your printing needs are provided when we become your print and document management supplier. Alongside our consultancy and supply, we will also install, and train your employees on the equipment that is deemed right for your business. We can provide photocopier rental in Manchester and throughout the surrounding areas.

What’s the difference between renting & leasing?

Whilst leasing is a form of renting, it does have its differences and could be used for different purposes or business situations. 

Leasing is typically a longer agreement than renting. It’s usually between 2 to 5 years to lease a machine, which is also set from the outset and stipulated within the contract. 

On the other hand, renting is a much more flexible option, with rental agreements from a day, to a week, a month, or a few months. Renting works particularly well if you don’t need or want a longer commitment. 

Also, as per the contract, if you wanted to end a lease agreement early you would likely face a financial penalty. Usually, the longer the commitment the cheaper the monthly or quarterly payments will be, which works well for those who know they will require the machine for this length of time. 

With renting the minimum term could be a day, so you wouldn’t be fixed in, or charged, for the shorter commitment. Whilst it is much more flexible, it is advisable to keep your service provider updated as soon as possible if your situation changes and you want to return the machine earlier than originally planned or for longer.

Find out the differences between leasing and renting.

Why would I rent or hire a printer?

Renting or hiring a printer or photocopier can be a great solution for many businesses. We have supplied machines on a rental agreement for some weird and wonderful reasons. From TV and movie shoots right through to a business service company who needed an interim solution whilst their office was renovated. 

Other businesses or scenarios include;

  • TV series or film companies
  • Concerts, or other events 
  • Civil engineering or construction businesses who need a machine within their temporary site office
  • A start-up business, particularly if you don’t want to commit to a machine as of yet or you are unsure of which machine/s you might need for the longer term given the growth of your business
  • If you require a printer or photocopier for a short-term project, renting is likely the best option. 

We’re sure we can help you, whatever the reason for renting. We supply a large range of printers for rent in Manchester and throughout the UK.

How flexible is printer and photocopier renting?

The main benefit to renting a printer or photocopier is that it is very flexible, as you are not tied in to an agreement. 

You can hire a copier for a short term or a longer term rental, depending on your requirements of course. We can be as flexible as required. Our copier rental packages can range from a day, to a week, several months, a year, or even longer. We provide complete flexibility with our photocopier rental packages, we know if this is on the radar there is normally a reason for this.

We do not tie customers down to a fixed period; they can return the machine whenever it suits their business needs. This provides maximum flexibility for your company.

What are the pros and cons


Additional flexibility

Renting a printer or photocopier offers much greater flexibility than leasing or buying a machine, you won’t be tied into a contract and can hire a machine for as little as a day. 

Upgradable equipment

If your needs and resources change over time, you may find that you need a machine that can handle a larger workload. With renting you have the ability to easily change or upgrade to the latest equipment, or a more suitable machine for your needs.

Tax benefits

Renting a machine is classed as a business expense so can be deducted from your profits before tax. 


Alongside the above benefits, renting gives you the ability to allocate your capital in more effective ways, allowing you to plan and allocate budget and better manage cash flow.

You can read more about the benefits of photocopier rental here.


The equipment will never be yours

Renting means that you will not own the machine at the end, you will need to give it back. Even if you have hired it for longer than expected, you will not own it.

Buying outright could be cheaper

If the renting period went over a longer period of time then buying the machine outright or leasing it could potentially have been more cost effective. 

Essentially, you need to consider how long you require the photocopier rental for and base your decision upon this.

What are the best printers to rent for small businesses?

Regardless of whether you are buying, renting or leasing a printer or photocopier, we would always discuss this with you to understand your requirements for all applications and ensure you're getting the right machine for what you need. 

Unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all, it’s important to get the best printer suitable for you and your business.

We’re proud suppliers of a wide range of printers and photocopying machines from leading manufacturers such as; Epson, Olivetti, Konica Minolta and others.


How much is it to rent a photocopier?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this, it depends on a number of factors including which machine you rent, the rental length and if you require any other services or consumables.

As an example, for a full function A3/A4 multifunction printer and scanner to be supplied and installed onsite, with set up and training, on a 9 month rental it would typically cost about £100 per month. 

We can work with you to understand and recommend the best options for your budget.

What can affect the price of renting a photocopier?

Theres a number of reasons the price could be more or less, these include;

  • The size, quality and features of the machine
  • The length of the contract
  • Whether you require insurance cover
  • Other additional costs can include additional machines such as scanners or franking machines, paper or other consumables and If you'd like to have managed print services too

Will I be taxed for renting a printer or photocopier?

As mentioned above, one of the benefits of renting a photocopier or printer is that the payments are deductible for your taxable profits as a business expense.

Is insurance included?

Insurance isn’t included but we can provide it. Typically businesses would have their own insurance to cover accidental damage, however general wear and tear cover can be provided as part of our managed print services (MPS) that we also offer. 

What notice period do we need to give if we rent a machine?

We would typically ask for at least 30 days notice however we can be flexible, and for rental packages that are less than a 30 day rental we wouldn't expect this but the sooner the notice the better. 

Is set up & installation included?

Yes setup and installation is included with renting any of our printers or photocopiers, our team of experts will handle this for you. We will also do full training for you or any of your employees so you can get the most out of your machine/s.

Is support included?

Yes, a level of support is included, however if you take out our MPS services then you will be fully covered. 

Is paper included?

No, but we can supply this along with any other consumables like toners.

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