If you work in a school or a form of educational establishment, you will know how important it is to find the right printing solutions that will meet your schools requirements. 

With a variety of different learning materials needing to be printed daily, it is a must to have functional printers in schools that can keep up with the demand of teachers and pupils. 

What is a Managed Print Service?

Managed Print Services (MPS) provide businesses with everything they need to run successful print operations within their office space. It includes all toner, hardware, parts and spares, full support services, delivery, training and remote support if it is needed. 

MPS covers a broad range of devices and products, and enables a key person or persons within your organisation to gain complete control and visibility of the company's printing. 

What is a Managed Print Service provider?

A MPS provider offers third party services of continuous maintenance of one or more printers and photocopiers at a business. 

At Copy Print Services, we are an MPS provider and can assist you with all aspects of printing, scanning and copying.

How is printing used in education?

Even with the rapid development of digital technology, printers are still an important part of the education process. Printers in the classroom can help schools ease into the digital transition, whilst keeping students learning at a high level. 

Printers are a vital part of education, with the main function of printing being used for educational support materials. 

Studies have shown that reading text on paper, rather than on screen, can boost comprehension, meaning that printers have been proven to be invaluable learning aids. 

However, printers and photocopiers are still beneficial for digital learning. Homework and class assignments are increasingly transferred as electronic documents, which can then be printed from a classroom printer for evaluation. 

What type of printers are best used in schools?

Laser printers are a great option for many secondary schools, thanks to the fact that they can handle large print volumes at higher speeds. 

They also provide lower printing costs overall at higher print volumes, and are better suited to heavy text documents, which makes them perfect for busy school environments.

Higher volume printers are best for primary schools, as there is often a lot to be printed throughout the day. This can be attributed to schools wanting Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils to develop fine motor skills when writing and reading off printed worksheets.Studies have shown that colour documents help leaders increase their attention levels on certain information, which helps that information to be transferred to both short and long term memories.

How do managed print services for education work?

Every school may have their own specific requirements, but there are some key things that should be maintained. MPS can provide schools with everything they need to run a successful and functional print operation. 

This can include the correct toner, working parts, functional hardware, full support services and training for users. 

MPS gives teachers in charge, such as headteachers and heads of departments, complete control and visibility of the schools printing.

What are the benefits of managed print services for schools?


If you work in a school, you will know that printing is an essential part of daily operations. There is nothing worse than running into a technical issue when you need to print for a class full of pupils. 

With MPS, functionality is a key priority. We have a 4-hour response time and on-site remote support, giving you peace of mind that you’ll always get the right level of guidance when necessary. 

Cost effective printing 

MPS doesn't need to cost your school a lot of money, and it could in fact save you a considerable amount of money. 

If you are currently managing and maintaining individual devices, you may actually be spending more money than you realise. 

A huge benefit of a MPS is identifying where your current printing solution is costing you, and then finding ways to minimise this. This may be as simple as repositioning your printer or reducing the amount of printers you have on-site. 

Colour printing 

Colour can help improve how students learn, especially younger students, and it allows teachers to communicate concepts with students in their classroom. 

A common concern with colour printing is that it will cost more than printing in black and white, but this isn’t necessarily always the case. With specific MPS for school, we can help to keep the cost of printing in colour down. 

Reducing the schools carbon footprint 

With insights into your school's printing habits, we can help reduce the amount of waste. By printing more efficiently, your school will be using less energy and therefore reduce the carbon footprint. 

You can read our dedicated guide to managed print services for schools to find out more. 

How much do managed print services for education cost?

The cost of MPS for your school or educational establishment may vary depending on your specific printing and photocopying needs. 

Copy Print Services have been looking after schools throughout the North West for the past 20 years, so we know the demands that are placed on schools and understand the requirements. 

Speaking to our experienced team is the best way to get a quote for MPS. We can discuss your general printing needs, and establish what kind of services are best suited to you.