If you work in or manage a business in the healthcare industry, you will know how important it is to find the right printing solution that meets your organisation's requirements. 

With patient prescriptions, medical records and much more to print, it is a necessity to have functional yet safe printers in healthcare environments that can keep up with a high demand for printing.

What is the purpose of managed print services?

Managed Print Services (MPS) are services offered by an external provider to optimise a company’s printing and copying output. 

MPS covers all aspects of a company’s printing with the intention of saving time and money. These savings are achieved by analysing an organisation's printing requirements and providing them with more control of their printing at both the input and the output. 

Why does the healthcare industry need print services?

The healthcare industry is constantly looking for ways it can cut costs that don’t diminish the quality of care. Managed Print Services is an ideal solution for this, as it supports the safety and security of patients whilst helping organisations save money. 

A streamlined, well-supported and efficient infrastructure of technology is crucial across the healthcare industry, and MPS can support this. 

At Copy Print Services, we can help a wide range of businesses in varying industries to streamline their printing processes and keep documents secure.

Which healthcare services would benefit from Managed Print Services?

Different healthcare services may use their technology for different reasons. Managed Print Services accommodates a variety of different printing and copying needs, while simultaneously supporting patient confidentiality.

Types of healthcare services that would benefit from MPS include:

  • Dental care 
  • Primary care clinics
  • Specialised clinics 
  • Community health centres
  • Rural health clinics

What challenges does the healthcare industry face when printing documents?

Healthcare organisations will often run into the same kinds of issues when printing documents, such as:

  1. Distributed print environments:Plenty of healthcare organisations have multiple sites across hospitals, clinics, specialist care centres and admin offices. On top of negotiating a fleet of printers across sites, the IT department has to deal with staff mobility.

  1. Costs:Printing costs can be a struggle for many facilities as large quantities of documents typically need to be printed on a daily basis. Documents, such as treatment plans, will often need to be printed multiple times for different parties. This can lead to a large amount of paper and ink being used, leading to higher printing costs.

  1. Security and data protection:Security of patient data is a major concern, and this can create challenges when printing documents that contain confidential information. If the documents are not properly secured, it can result in a breach of data. Healthcare organisations must take steps to implement access over controls and utilise secure printers and copiers. 

How do Managed Print Services benefit the healthcare sector?

Streamlining the infrastructure of technology is crucial in the healthcare sector, and Managed Print Services offer many benefits that can help with this. 

Patient Privacy 

MPS offer protection of sensitive information and help protect a patient's right to privacy. Healthcare environments can manage their print security by installing the appropriate software which ensures patient information remains private.

When a member of staff prints a document from their computer, the printer can hold it in a queue and won’t print the document until that employee swipes their ID or inputs a pin to release the job. 

Reduce Costs 

Healthcare practices spend a high portion of their annual budgets on printing and handling documents. Moreover, their printers tend to be inefficient and/or outdated. MPS is a way for healthcare organisations to improve workflow and reduce costs in the process by using modern and efficient pieces of technology. 

Print Security  

MPS ensures your organisation's print fleet is secure from cyber threats by removing end-of-support devices, keeping firmware up to date and enforcing consistent configuration standards across all printers. 

Using MPS can help healthcare organisations to diagnose their current risks, create an action plan for addressing them and grow their security posture throughout the lifecycle of their services. 

Why should hospitals and GP practices choose Managed Print Services?

In any healthcare organisation, the availability of timely, reliable and accurately printed documents can make a huge difference between positive and negative patient outcomes. 

MPS can help any organisation deliver vital documents on a 24/7 basis without battling with any unnecessary labour or financial costs. 

Managed Print Services are particularly important when facilities are operating in crisis mode, whether this is due to a staff shortage or increased periods of business. Medical professionals need to be assured that they will receive the documents they need without wasting valuable time.

Healthcare Managed Print Services with Copy Print Services 

Healthcare facilities rely on MPS to gain control over private, secure and affordable printing. Copy Print Services can provide Managed Print Services that fit the needs of all types of healthcare organisations. 

Our Managed Print Services include:

  • All toner and ink
  • All parts and spares for the machine 
  • Support for the network environment 
  • Delivery, configuration and training 
  • Remote support in case of small issues

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about Managed Print Services and how it can help to streamline your workplace.