If you work in or manage a law firm, you will know how important it is to find the right printing solution that meets your office's requirements. 

With documents needing to be signed numerous times on a daily basis, it is simply a necessity to have functional printing devices that can meet the demands of everyone.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services (MPS) are third party support services, covering all aspects of a company’s printing with the goal of saving time and money. 

These savings are achieved through continuous or one off maintenance for one or multiple devices such as printers, photocopiers, scanners and multifunctional devices. 

Why do Law Firms need printing services?

Just about every task that takes place in the legal industry utilises paper. Compared to other industries, an enormous volume of paperwork is printed on a daily basis. 

From contracts and deeds to wills, agreements, leases and litigations; the list of paper files that are necessary in such a document-sensitive industry are endless.

How do Managed Print Services benefit Law Firms?

There are a number of reasons how Law Firms could benefit from MPS:

Fast and secure scanning 

These days, the courts are less adamant about bringing hard copies of official legal documents. For this reason, it is essential Law Firms have access to a photocopier in order to scan and email legal papers, rather than carrying around thick heavy binders. 

MPS providers can ensure teams can effortlessly record documents through multi-functional devices in their office spaces. This way, your team can scan, copy and email documents through a secured network without moving far from their workspace.

Optimised printing environments 

In fast-paced environments such as Law Firms, time is money and lawyers will usually need documents to be printed as quickly as possible. This is why Law Firms tend to have a higher person to printer ratio. 

A MPS partner will thoughtfully design and set up an efficient printing environment which is suitable to each individual in the office space. 

At Copy Print Services, we specialise in this kind of Managed Print Service integration to help streamline processes in a range of industries.

Regular updates 

Too often, Law Firms are using outdated and inefficient printers, scanners and copiers. By working with a Managed Print Services partner, your devices will be proactively updated and upgraded where necessary. 

You don’t need to worry about wasting time calling repair technicians to fix your old, unreliable printer. Instead, your MPS provider will replace outdated machines before they start causing headaches. 

Do Managed Print Services reduce print costs?

Yes, when you choose to use Managed Print Services, the support and maintenance of your services are included in the cost of the service itself. This means that your printer will be kept in the best condition possible thanks to regular maintenance and services.

Whether it's just a simple phone call to get information about a feature or a technician called out to fix a fault in the device, with MPS, those costs are covered. 

This service also provides you with cover throughout the period you have leased or rented your printer for, with no sudden or unexpected fees. 

What challenges does the legal industry face when needing to print documents?

Security risks and viruses

The move from paper to digital documentation is always going to pose a threat to security. The sharing of sensitive documents via email always comes with its risks, but there are few things you can do to minimise this risk. 

Make sure your firm is fully aware of its privacy and confidentiality policies and take steps to implement the appropriate cybersecurity. 

Law Firms should be looking at MPS for a secured and reliable system, as well as implementing appropriate softwares to protect themselves. 

Poor workflow 

With many firms using outdated devices, workflow can be extremely difficult and inefficient. In a busy environment, it is vital you have devices that can match the demand, whether that demand is coming from lawyers themselves or administrative staff members. 

Without MPS, firms may experience poor and inefficient workflows, which can affect the quality of work produced. 

With this service, rule-based systems can be implemented. This means that documents can automatically be sent to be stored in the correct place. Larger documents, like court bundles, can automatically be sent to the most cost-effective machine. 

MPS can also automate time consuming recurrent processes. This can free up your time and prevent any annoying, avoidable mistakes.

How Copy Print Services can help the legal industry with their printing needs

At Copy Print Services, we have been looking after Law Firms throughout the North West for years. We understand the demands that are placed on law firms and understand their specific requirements. 

We’re here to support you when you need it, and with our team of engineers we can be at your office within a couple of hours to assist with any issues. 

Our Managed Print Service includes:

  • All your printing and printing hardware 
  • All toner and ink
  • All parts and spares for the machines 
  • Same day, same site 4-hour response time 
  • Support the network environment 
  • Remote support in case of small issues