Refurbished copiers

Refurbished photocopiers for sale


We sell, install and maintain refurbished photocopiers after a full and in depth reconditioning process has been completed by our experienced team of in-house engineers.
All our refurbished photocopiers are supplied with our 5 year platinum warranty to give you full peace of mind that even when purchasing a reconditioned printer and copier you will have no issues with your machine. If you do you can take advantage of our warranty.

How quick could I get a refurbished copier delivered?


We have a warehouse full of machines which have already been reconditioned and covered by our Platinum warranty. This includes Olivetti machines, Konica Minolta machines and a number of other brands.


These could all be delivered as early as the next day should you be in desperate need of a photocopier.

The benefits of buying a used photocopier

Cost: The main benefit of purchasing a used photocopier is the savings you can make on purchasing or leasing a new photocopier. A reconditioned machine can work out as a very cheap photocopier option


Environmental impact: We no longer need to throw the machines into the landfill sites. By re-using the machines we can reduce our overall environmental impact.


Print Quality: After going through our 35 step refurbishment process you can be assured that you will get the very best print quality out of your machine


Efficiency: Our used photocopiers can be purchased using a managed print services, much the same as a new photocopier. The difference being that your monthly business outgoings will be much less than a new machine but you will still get everything including our 5 star service, consumables etc.

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Will I be buying old technology?


No, we only supply machines that are still very much modern technology. We make sure that any refurbished photocopier you purchase from us meets your requirements as a business. If we didn’t you wouldn’t recommend us or become long standing customers, and this is who we’re looking for.

With a refurbished office printer from Copy Print Services you can be rest assured that you will be purchasing a highly reliable, high quality well priced machined that can provide all the benefits you need to keep moving your business forward.

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