Businesses in the hospitality industry rely heavily on printed documents for both their own staff and guests. 

At Copy Print Services, we offer Managed Print Service plans that will transform the way hospitality businesses work, increasing their print output and reducing costs while still allowing them to have complete control over print infrastructures.

Why Managed Print Services work for the hospitality industry

Hospitality environments such as hotels, restaurants and leisure centres are all heavy users of print facilities, with multiple requirements for their print devices such as scanning and copying. Guests need a quick and professional experience, whilst staff need reliable, fast and robust devices to ensure guests get exactly that. This is where Managed Print Services (MPS) can help. 

MPS can help the hospitality industry by allowing businesses in this sector to focus on what they do best - running their business. MPS providers can take care of all the printing needs for you, from managing printer fleets and supplies to providing expert advice about how your organisation can improve their printing habits. 

How does a Managed Print Service work for a hospitality business?

When you use a Managed Print Service for your hospitality business, all aspects of your printing will be covered. One of the biggest benefits being a reduction in costs and energy consumptions, as well as improved document management which is essential for the likes of accommodation venues. 

MPS also helps to ensure employees can get on with important day to day tasks, instead of trying to fix any potential printer problems which can negatively impact productivity. This is crucial for ensuring your guests and customers are dealt with in a timely manner. 

Enlisting the help from a MPS provider can give you peace of mind knowing your print devices are protected thanks to maintenance and servicing plans. This helps to ensure that your devices are always working as they should be and are up-to-date with any new softwares.

Do hospitality businesses need a Managed Print Service?

The Managed Print Service industry is growing fast, and many hospitality businesses who don’t utilise it could fall behind when it comes to document organisation and reduced costs. Technology in the hospitality industry must be easy to learn and use, as well as being low maintenance to avoid workplace frustration. 

Beyond this, hospitality businesses will benefit from the increased productivity and streamlined document management, automated processes and a safe and secure network to keep important documents confidential. 

How Managed Print Services benefit hospitality businesses

Listed below are just a few of the huge number of benefits of MPS that can help hospitality businesses. 

Reduced downtime 

As we’ve mentioned, downtime in the hospitality industry can be detrimental to the daily processes of a business. Streamlining operations and having the correct documents ready are crucial in a busy hospitality environment, but these workflow logistics can be negatively affected by downtime. 

Outsourcing your print services can free up your staff's time, allowing them to carry on with more impactful work that will improve guest experience. 

Full support 

One of the best things about using a Managed Print Service provider is that you will receive full support for your printers and copiers, right from installation to training and ongoing support. This includes a range of facility management services, such as ensuring your devices software is updated regularly, maintaining and repairing where necessary. 

Front of house staff and those who work behind the scenes in offices no longer need to waste time administering small jobs, such as guest printing. With MPS, your staff and guests have a secure way to print essential documents, such as work information, tickets, boarding passes and so on. 

Increased security 

Print environments are one way cyber attackers can get important and confidential information. Managed Print Services involve implementing security solutions to protect data and prevent any unauthorised access, which is vital for the security of guests, especially those staying in the likes of hotels and rented accommodation.

Security measures include adding authentication before printing, as well as monitoring print outputs to prevent any data breaches. 

Reduced costs 

Having a relaxed approach to the printing in your hospitality business is one way you can very easily overspend on your printers. By connecting all of your devices to one monitoring system, it ensures that money is only being spent when it needs to be, such as replacing certain toners or refilling paper drawers.  

Hospitality Managed Print Services with Copy Print Services

At Copy Print Services, we offer comprehensive Managed Print Services which are ideal for those working in the hospitality industry. We will assist you in organising and streamlining your print environment, no matter whether you manage a hotel, own a restaurant or run a leisure centre.

Our experienced team of print specialists will help to maintain your print devices, repair them if necessary and most importantly, we will support your business in all aspects related to printing, copying and scanning.

If you’d like to learn more about how our MPS could help you and your business, get in touch with us today.