If you work in, or manage a business, in the real estate industry, you will likely know how important it is to find the right printing solution that meets your organisation's requirements. 

With client credit checks, personal financial records and much more to print, it is a must to have functional and safe printers that can meet a high demand for printing.

What is a Managed Print Service provider?

Managed Print Service (MPS) providers manage all your print devices such as printers, scanners, copiers and multifunctional devices. MPS providers also work to improve workflow and document management solutions within the workplace to help a company’s print environment. 

MPS providers will also track how the print devices are being used, assessing any problems that may arise and ensuring the user is satisfied. 

How is printing used in estate agencies?

In the competitive market of real estate, it’s important that estate agencies have eye-catching and innovative print marketing materials to get their brand noticed and remembered. 

Although a large amount of marketing is digitally focused, many people still prefer to consume content via print such as brochures, posters and catalogues. Estate agents will also typically require larger print formats like banners and posters for events like open days or even work experience fairs.   

Even without printing marketing materials, estate agents will still need to print a vast amount of paperwork for themselves, the buyers and the sellers. This can become timely to manage. 

Paperwork, from ‘proof of identity’ documents to house and mortgage details, can take up a large portion of a business’s budget, so streamlining this process can be really cost effective.

How do Managed Print Services benefit the real estate industry?

Different estate agents may use different printed materials in their strategy, but in general, they will all be able to see the same benefits of Managed Print Services, including:

Reduced costs 

Instead of paying for a range of costs and expenses to print, MPS provides predictable and affordable monthly fees that are easy to manage. All devices are integrated into a single monitoring system, with unnecessary technology being removed to provide greater oversight and a more streamlined approach. 

Enhanced security 

Given the nature of documents that need to be signed in the real estate industry, it is vital that data security is a priority. Managed Print Services play a key part in identifying where the potential data risks are, and so measures can be put in place to enhance security. This could be as simple as introducing new measures on sharing files. 

More sustainable 

With the amount of flyers, documents and posters that are printed on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that real estate businesses consume a lot of energy. Managed Print Services can help to reduce power consumption and make more sustainable choices when it comes to printing and copying. 

MPS make it much easier to monitor usage, meaning the ideal solutions can be devised to exactly meet the requirements needed without wastage. 

Productivity is boosted

Using Managed Print Services removes the burden from members of the team who may have to deal with breakages or jams in print devices. These affected employees can use their time more effectively, adding value elsewhere to the business.

What printing challenges does the real estate industry face?

Like other industries that deal with confidential information on a daily basis, the real estate industry can face a series of challenges in regards to printing. 


Security of client data is a major concern, and this can create challenges when printing documents that contain confidential information. If the documents are not properly secured, it can result in a breach of data.

Real estate businesses must take steps to implement access over controls and utilise secure printers, copiers and scanners. 


Printing costs can be a struggle for many real estate firms, as large quantities of documents are printed on a daily basis. 

Documents, such as buyer agreements, will often need to be printed multiple times for a number of different parties. This can lead to a large amount of paper and ink being used, resulting in higher printing costs. 

How can Managed Print Services help improve document security in estate agents?

Client confidentiality

Managed Print Services offers protection of sensitive information and helps protect clients rights to privacy. Real estate agents can manage their print security by installing the appropriate software, which ensures client information remains private. 

When an estate agent prints a document from their computer, the printer can hold it in a queue and won’t print the document until that employee swipes their ID to release the job. 

Print security 

Managed Print Services also ensures that your business’s print fleet is secure from cyber threats by removing end-of-support devices, keeping firmware up to date and enforcing consistent configuration standards across every device. 

Using MPS can help estate agents to determine their current risks, create an action plan for addressing them and grow their security throughout the lifecycle of their services. 

Why should estate agents choose Managed Print Services?

In any estate agent business, the accessibility to timely, reliable and accurately printed documents can make a huge difference in the wait time of clients. 

Managed Print Services can help with organisations delivering vital and necessary documents on a 24/7 basis without the hassle of unnecessary labour or financial costs. 

At Copy Print Services, our MPS include:

  • All toner and ink
  • Parts and spares for the machine 
  • Support for the network environment 
  • Delivery, configuration and training for staff
  • Remote support in case of small issues

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about Managed Print Services and how it can help streamline your business.