Businesses in the training provider sector rely heavily on printed information for both students and teachers. 

Managed Print Services are the easiest way to transform the way training providers work, increasing print output and profitability whilst still allowing you to have complete control over your print infrastructure.

How does Managed Print Services work?

Managed print services (MPS) work by assessing, optimising and continually managing an organisation's printing and document output environments to lower costs, increase productivity and promote printing efficiency. 

Businesses who utilise MPS can cut down significantly on their printing costs, as well as encouraging staff productivity by taking the ownership away from employees to troubleshoot and fix print equipment problems.

Why do training providers need Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services offer a wide range of benefits for training provider businesses, from a reduction in costs to improved productivity. It is a great way to oversee your print environments and focus on the more important parts of your day to day work. 

Training providers rely heavily on a huge amount of paper usage on a daily basis, which can very quickly cause printing costs to add up and cause your business to spend far more than they need too. 

MPS can act as a solution to these extensive costs, ensuring that training providers are using the most efficient printers that help to optimise printing environments. This can include limiting the amount of paper that needs to be used, encouraging mono printing and ensuring a secure server is being used to keep important information confidential.

Printing challenges for training providers

Uncontrolled printing costs 

When you have lots of printers in your fleet, across different departments, it can be difficult to oversee your printing costs. Without proper monitoring, these costs can very quickly spiral out of control and you may end up paying huge amounts of money for products that could be drastically reduced with MPS.

User issues 

Having different devices across one network can cause issues for staff members. They may have difficulty connecting to individual devices across the network or struggle to use different types of devices as they may operate differently to what they’re used to. 

Only having one or two good printers can cause long wait times and cause a huge backlog of documents waiting to be printed. This can cause documents to be mixed up, potentially causing issues with security and privacy. 

Too many printers to manage 

Some training providers may have an ad hoc approach to their printing, depending on the current needs of their organisation. Some staff members may have printers at their desk, while others may share common printers and copiers. 

This can cause all sorts of issues when you try and manage a number of different printers, especially if they’re from different providers, have different methods of operating and require different types of consumables such as ink and toner. 

The benefits of Managed Print Services for the training industry

Reduce costs 

Having a sporadic approach to your training business is one way you may be overspending on your printers. MPS connecting all devices to one monitoring system ensures that money is only being spent when it needs to be, such as replacing specific toners. 

Improve productivity 

There's no question that the training industry is a busy environment, but the work rate can be affected if employees are busy doing the wrong things. MPS works by automating time consuming tasks, such as printer maintenance and troubleshooting. This allows employees, and often overworked IT team members, to focus on more critical tasks at hand. 


Your print environment is one way cyber attackers can get important and confidential data. MPS involves implementing security solutions to protect this data and prevent any unauthorised access. This includes adding security measures such as having authentication before printing, as well as monitoring print outputs to prevent any data breaches.

Expert support 

MPS packages come with expert support from print specialists who can help to implement the right printing infrastructure effectively. This includes user support, maintenance, troubleshooting and advice on how to optimise printing processes. 

Why choose Copy Print Services for business print support?

At Copy Print Services, we offer comprehensive Managed Print Services, in which we will assist you in organising and streamlining your printing environment, no matter what kind of business you have. 

Our expert team of print specialists will help to maintain your machine, repair it if necessary and most importantly, we will support your business in all aspects of printing, copying and scanning. 

If you’d like to learn more about how our MPS could help you, contact us today.