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Photocopiers lease or buy?

It’s a question even the most experienced business owners can struggle with. Should I lease or buy a new photocopier? In real terms is there even that much difference?

In this post, we discuss the benefits of both leasing and outright purchase of a photocopier to your business.

We’ll explore the pros and cons of each scenario, along with our overall recommendation for any business looking to purchase this type of equipment.

Let’s dive straight in with a high-level overview of the pros and cons of buying or leasing a photocopier.

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Purchasing a photocopier outright


  • Less paperwork and no monthly payments.
  • Becomes an asset on your accounts.
  • Can be written down year by year.


  • It uses up your liquid capital/cashflow.
  • Office equipment is a depreciating asset; you may be wiser investing the money into your business somewhere else for a better return.
  • No upgrade path – What happens when the equipment is superseded?

Leasing a photocopier

Photocopier leasing is the efficient way to enjoy the use of your equipment without having to own it outright.


  • Low upfront costs. Some leases even offer up to 3 months before the first payment is taken, at no extra cost.
  • Rental Payments are fixed for the duration of the lease.  Even if interest rates rise, your rentals stay the same.  This means, with the effect of inflation, the real cost reduces over time.
  • Payments can be structured to meet your cashflow needs. You can determine the length of your agreement and the rental payments at the outset.
  • With a lease you won’t be stuck with old or broken equipment. If the machine does reach the end of its usable life you also won’t need to dispose of it as the leasing company will handle this.
  • Leasing frees up your funds so you can use them to develop your business more effectively. As your business grows, your requirement for working capital only ever increases. Leasing offers an additional credit facility, which can’t be recalled, providing the conditions of the agreement are met.
  • A finance lease is treated as a fixed asset on your balance sheet.
  • Leasing is far more tax efficient than owning assets, since you are able to offset rentals against taxable profits.
  • You can add to or upgrade your equipment as your needs change. After all, we know how fast technology evolves. That means you can always enjoy the benefits of the latest advances.
  • In a constantly changing marketplace, leasing offers the flexibility a business needs.


  • It can be difficult to lease a copier if you are a new start-up or have a poor credit rating. That said, here at Copy Print Services we always strive to help; a massive 99% of proposals are accepted by us. That’s because we listen to the story and read between the lines when making a decision in terms of underwriting a new proposal.
  • The equipment is never yours.
  • You need to be careful of hidden clauses in the agreement regarding insurance and yearly administration fees. We select funders who offer the best overall package and always give advice on the small print.


As you can see there are more pros in favour of leasing. We mentioned earlier a whopping 80% of our customers choose to lease. This is a statistic we think will continue to rise too.

Apart from a few circumstances, we’re of the opinion it’s better to lease wherever possible. Especially when it comes to technical equipment that depreciates heavily and moves forward fast.

As your business grows you’ll always need an ever-increasing amount of working capital. Leasing enables you to take advantage of keeping cashflow in the business.

When you lease, your payments will never rise and leasing also provides a credit facility to your business; a credit facility that won’t change or be recalled for the life of the agreement either.

That’s just one of many advantages you can gain from leasing your copier equipment.

What do you think?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have you tried leasing and gone back to buying for some reason?

Perhaps you’ve always purchased and are on the cusp of entering into your first lease agreement?

Whatever your thoughts or if you need expert advice as to what to do for the best, our team is always happy to help.