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Are you looking for printer leasing services in Manchester? At Copy Print Services, we offer great printer leasing deals that are tailored to your business and it’s current needs.

If you want to lower costs and increase efficiency in the workplace, you should consider photocopier and printer leasing.

What is included in our printer leasing services?

Our full printer leasing services are a brilliant option for businesses that don’t want to buy a machine outright and want to secure a tailored print package that reflects their budgets.

Our printer leasing services include:

  • An initial assessment of your needs in order to pair you with the most appropriate machine for you; this could be a multifunction printer or a large-format printer, for example.
  • Future proofing, whereby we can upgrade your outdated unit whenever you are ready for an improvement.
  • Simple set-up process during installation and a session with your staff to train them on the correct usage of the machine.
  • Access to the very best in photocopying and printing.

Printers that we offer

We offer the very best in printing and photocopying equipment, including machines from:

We can provide quality machines and managed print services to a range of different industries and businesses, from offices to schools.


Printer leasing costs

The cost of printer leasing depends on the type of machine you require and the length of the lease. We will always aim to find a machine that fits with your budget and has the functions you require for your business.

Our lease prices start at just £25 a month, so we’re confident that there will be a great machine lease available that suits your budget.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can create a printer leasing plan that helps to improve workplace efficiency. 

Printer leasing at Copy Print Services

We have over 15 years of experience in printer and photocopier leasing in Manchester and throughout the North West. We have the right level of knowledge and expertise to be able to help you find the machine you are looking for.

There are so many advantages to leasing a printer; 80% of our clients choose to lease with us! Improve your business’s efficiency with a printer lease from Copy Print Services. Contact us today to discuss your business’s printing needs.

Our latest projects in Manchester

As part of a new office move, local solicitors wanted to upgrade their equipment, investing in a modern location in Wigan as well as new machines.

It was essential that their printer was multifunctional and could print A3 documents quickly. We audited their usage and explored their needs before pairing them with the perfect machine - the Konica Minolta C450i. This machine can scan documents on both sides quickly and print at 45 pages per minute, making it the right solution for their everyday business practices. 

We’ve worked with this company for 7 years, building trust, supplying and maintaining their printing services and looking after them throughout their business changes and growth.

A picture frame manufacturer based in Bury approached us requesting a laser printer to print out their stock picking lists and self-adhesive postage labels. As they were an online retailer, we knew that they needed a specific type of printer to best suit their needs in relation to postage and packing, rather than printing general office documents.

The company’s IT manager had suggested a standard HP printer, but our experts investigated this idea and found that due to their amount and type of printing, they would be paying an extra £5,000 a year if they chose the HP printer.

 We calculated costs based on:

  • The running costs of the machine;
  • The price of the toner cartridges;
  • The amount of printing you get from 1 toner cartridge;
  • The cost per page of printing.

Through this, we found that an Olivetti PGL printer on a fully maintained package would be cheaper, running at ¼ of the costs of their original choice and being more efficient in printing at the volume they do. 

We calculated that the company would be saving around £5,000 - £6,000 a year if they invested in our recommended Olivetti machine and maintenance services - we’d send them replacement toners as levels run low, offer external support, fix any repairs and manage replacement parts if needed. 

The machine is far more effective and higher quality; it’ll last them longer, present less issues and overall, reduce costs and meet the customers needs exactly.


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