why lease photocopier

Why Lease a Photocopier?

Why lease a photocopier?

When you need a new photocopier, the first thing you’ll have to do is establish whether you want it to be bought or leased. There are benefits to both, but most forward thinking companies will find that leasing is the best option as it offers a number of advantages over buying a new machine and few downsides. Here’s a quick guide on why leasing a photocopier might be the best option for your business.

The latest copier technology

Photocopiers are getting more and more sophisticated in terms of technology. If you buy a photocopier, it could quickly get left behind, meaning you’ll either be stuck with your current one or have to fork out big money for it to be replaced. When you lease a photocopier, the terms will be for three or five years. After that period, you’ll be able to upgrade your photocopier without facing a hefty price. And in the long run, having the latest photocopying technology can help your business run more efficiently (both in terms of energy and manpower) than if you’re using outdated technology.

Leasing frees up cash

Photocopiers can be expensive, and buying one can often involve parting with a big chunk of money. When you lease, you won’t need to have thousands tucked away – you’ll be able to get a photocopier with minimal upfront costs. You’re effectively spreading the cost of a photocopier over a longer period, which means you can keep more money in the bank for those expenditures that don’t have the option to be paid over a long time.

It’s straightforward leasing a copier

A lot of thought has to go into buying a photocopier: how much it’ll cost, researching what the photocopier can and can’t do, how to set it up and so on. When you lease a photocopier, all of these problems disappear. You’ll know exactly how much your photocopier will cost you each month with no nasty surprises added on, you’ll be confident you’re getting a top-quality machine from experts who know their technology, and you’ll have your photocopier set up for you quickly and efficiently. In other words, leasing a photocopier lets us take care of everything as you get back to doing what you know best – running your business.

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