Can Managed Print Services Help Small Businesses?


As a small business owner, you may be faced with a huge array of different rising costs from your suppliers. Although this can be overwhelming, one thing you can be certain of is the reliability and cost effectiveness of Managed Print Services

At Copy Print Services, we work with small to medium sized businesses, helping them to reduce costs and create a more efficient print environment.


What is a Managed Print Services (MPS) partner?

 A Managed Print Service partner is a print service by an external provider to assess, optimise and continuously manage a business’s document output environment by optimising their print usage, costs and productivity. 

The service is usually delivered under a contract, with some companies offering a rolling contract so you can have the support as long as you need it, with other offer plans for 3-5 years. 

Do Managed Print Services work for SMEs?

Managed Print Services are an extremely cost effective print solution for SMEs and many use it to their advantage to take control of their print output. Oftentimes, SMEs have no idea how much printing is taking place in their working environment, or how much this is costing them. 

SMEs can work with MPS providers to implement a fully managed print environment, which will in turn help to reduce waste, cut costs and provide clear visibility on all of the business’s printing habits.

The benefits of Managed Print Services for small businesses

At Copy Print Services, we pride ourselves on optimising your print environment without interfering with your daily business operations. Listed below are some of the benefits you will receive by investing in our MPS.

Greater efficiency 

One of the biggest benefits of MPS is the increased efficiency your business will experience. We use a range of technologies to streamline your printing processes and optimise your printer fleet. We can provide automated workflows, mobile printing and document management solutions that will help small businesses to reduce expensive printing costs and valuable time.


Reduce overall costs 

Another great benefit is the print cost reduction that your small business will experience. At Copy Print Services, we help small businesses to cut printing costs by outlining any inefficient processes and implementing cost-saving measures instead. 

We analyse these costs by monitoring print volumes, print waste and inefficient printing practices. From here, we can work with these insights to optimise your printing environment and remove any printers which aren’t a necessity. This can lead to lower hardware and reduced maintenance costs. 

Improve productivity 

MPS can also be used to help improve your small business’s productivity. We can help to automate time consuming tasks, such as refilling toner cartridges, ordering supplies and troubleshooting issues. This allows yourself and your team members to focus on more important tasks, such as building your business. 

We have years of experience helping local businesses, such as Go2Mortgage, who needed help with document workflow. After speaking to the team, we removed the need to physically certify and sign the documents printed. Now all the team needs to do is press two buttons and a statement of certification, date and signature is overlaid. 

This, combined with new admin controls have helped to save six days a year in document management. Read the full case study to find out more information.

Reduce carbon footprint 

As a small business, one thing you may be conscious of is being as environmentally friendly as possible. Our MPS can provide solutions to help small businesses to reduce their overall paper consumption, energy usage and waste. Not only does this help your business to be more sustainable, it also helps to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


Increased cyber security 

Your IT system is a vital part of your small business and it can be devastating to have a cyber attack on the things you’ve worked so hard on. At Copy Print Services, we can implement security solutions that will protect your important confidential data and prevent any unauthorised access. 

We can also provide secure printing solutions that will require authentication before printing, as well as monitor printing outputs to prevent any breaches of data.

Removes pressure from staff 

Being an SME, you probably don’t have a huge amount of staff who can take the time to deal with any printing issues. MPS can take the pressure off team members by taking over the entire printing infrastructure, from maintenance to repairs to user support. Again, this allows your team to get on with more critical tasks. 

Live reporting 

We can provide real-time reporting and tracking of your print environment. This includes monitoring print outputs, tracking costs and providing insights into your printer usage. This allows small businesses to make data-driven decisions that can help them to decide where to cut costs.


Expert support 

At Copy Print Services, our MPS experts have the experience and knowledge to provide small businesses with the support they need to manage their printing infrastructure. We provide user support, maintenance, troubleshooting and advice on how to optimise printing processes.

The future of Managed Print Services for small businesses

The market for Managed Print Services in the UK is growing at a considerable pace, with digital printing expected to become increasingly dominant. Printed documents are still integral to many small businesses, and with costs rising for supplies, MPS is a great solution for these small businesses to be in control of their printing environment. 

At Copy Print Services, we will take the time to assess your small business’s needs and provide you with a MPS plan that is best suited to you. We always strive to provide the best quality service for your business, no matter whether you’re just starting up or you’ve owned your business for years. 

For more information and to see how we can help you, contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members will help to find the perfect MPS solution for your business.

About the author 

John Hynes

Working in the printing industry for 35 years (office equipment servicing and maintenance), John - Managing Director of Copy Print Services - started as a hands-on technician repairing all kinds of equipment.

He always kept up to date with the “evolution” of the machinery and worked on the latest equipment that would give the customers the most efficient way of producing a document.

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