How a Managed Print Service Strategy is Created


How a Managed Print Service Strategy is Created

The integration of Managed Print Services is a necessity for many organisations, but it can be difficult for many business owners to decide whether they would benefit from it.

In this guide, we’ll discuss who needs Managed Print Services, how we establish whether a business could benefit from our help and how we implement a Managed Print Strategy.

Who would need a Managed Print Service?

Managed Print Services (MPS) are suitable for any business that does not have an efficient or effective working print environment. Businesses like this will usually expect to see rising financial costs and time wasted by team members. 

MPS is also great for businesses who have a number of different print devices throughout their working environment and need control over their print output. 

What is a Managed Print Service strategy?

A Managed Print Service strategy is a plan implemented by MPS providers to help a business improve their print environment and reduce overall printing costs. The process usually involves conducting an audit of your current print environment and finding areas which need to be improved or be adapted. 

Once these issues have been established, MPS providers can then implement custom strategies based on your business’s current goals. This can include helping those who want to reduce their carbon footprint, free up employee time, have remote support and so on. 

How we figure out whether a business would benefit from a Managed Print Service

Before we dive into creating you a Managed Print Service strategy, we will start off by looking at your print infrastructure. This includes the following:

  • Conducting an audit - We will start by evaluating your print fleet and identify the age, location and functionality of each type. 

  • Understand current costs - Next, we look at your costs to understand which devices are using the most in terms of energy, maintenance and supplies.

  • Identify areas for improvement - If we can see that your business has areas for improvement in your print environment and we believe an MPS strategy would benefit your business, we will start to create a plan for you.

  • We can even work some of your standard practices into print workflows, such as automating a stamp or signature feature to reduce manual admin time. You can learn more about this process in our case study.

Creating a Managed Print Service strategy for your business

We’ve outlined how we find out if a business is suitable for a MPS, so how do we move on to create an actual strategy? Listed below are the steps we take to ensure the right strategy is made for you. 

Share your defined business goals 

To start with, we will need to know your desired goals for your business. For example, do you want to reduce your printing costs? Or do you need more security measures implemented to protect confidential information being shared? 

Once we have established these core goals, we can then move on to creating your strategy, helping you to achieve these goals. 

Create an actionable plan 

After we have defined your business goals, we can then move onto creating a plan that can easily be implemented. Our team of professionals will discuss the data provided during the initial audit and find solutions that can easily be used by your business. 

During this phase, we will adapt the plans to suit your business’s specific needs based on your desired goals. 


Once we have created a MPS strategy for you, the next step is to implement it. We can work closely with your team, helping them to understand how the new system works and how they can make small changes to help maintain your print environment goals. We provide support to staff members using new machines and are there to aid in the configuration of all models.


Even after the print strategy and machines have been implemented and integrated, we will continuously review and monitor your print environment and adjust it where necessary. This helps to ensure new strategies are made and are constantly optimised. 

This step is an essential part of introducing an MPS strategy, as it builds upon the previous stages of planning to keep the process efficient. 

How is a Managed Print Service strategy implemented?

As we’ve mentioned, a Managed Print Service strategy is implemented based on the data gained from an initial print audit. 

The strategy can include implementing a number of different methods of improvement, such as:

  • Consolidating printer fleets

  • Introducing more printers/photocopiers/multifunctional machines

  • Implementing cloud systems and other safety software

  • Solutions for better document management 

  • Introducing more cost-effective printers

At Copy Print Services, we can create a Managed Print Service strategy for any kind of business, no matter what your printing goals are. We provide remote support, training for employees and a constant supply of equipment as and when it’s needed. 

If you think your business could benefit from the help of our MPS strategies, contact us today to discuss your printing needs.

About the author 

John Hynes

Working in the printing industry for 35 years (office equipment servicing and maintenance), John - Managing Director of Copy Print Services - started as a hands-on technician repairing all kinds of equipment.

He always kept up to date with the “evolution” of the machinery and worked on the latest equipment that would give the customers the most efficient way of producing a document.

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